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Recover Outlook

Best Way to Recover Outlook 2010

Every one uses Outlook for their professional or personal use. You would have stored many important data on it. You might have so many tasks to do each day. You can very easily plan your forthcoming days, weeks, months and even years by doing the scheduling of tasks on Outlook. To remember everything, it is easy to make a note of it in Outlook. Have you ever imagined what if you lose the task data? Can you remember all the tasks saved for the week, month, or year? So you think of using Inbox repair tool provided by Outlook. Even after using this tool, if you are not able to retrieve the lost tasks! Do not panic! You can recover any loss of data from Outlook easily. Restore Outlook 2007 data that are lost due to the damage of PST files, due to improper system shut down, virus, sudden power failure etc. Recover Outlook software has ability to perform Outlook PST recovery after PST file corruption in couple of mouse clicks.

Outlook 2010 is one of the most important parts of our professional as well as personal life. Most of us rely on Outlook for everyday’s work. We would have saved our important contacts, task, meeting schedules, appointment details, emails, messages, reminders etc. Any issue regarding Outlook, not able to access it is a big problem! Outlook is a way to keep important data in a well - organized way. Outlook data is saved in a PST file. PST files are personal store table, to save Outlook information on it. Any damage to the PST file leads to inaccessibility of Outlook. Outlook provides with Inbox repair tool that will help to repair the damaged Outlook data. Not everything can be repaired using this tool. When this happens, you will have to use Outlook data recovery software. You can restore all the lost tasks using this tool.

Reasons for Inbox repair tool error:

  • If the PST file is severely corrupted.
  • If the repair process is interrupted.
  • Improperly exiting Outlook.
  • Incompatible Outlook Upgrade version.

You can do Outlook 2010 task recovery after Inbox repair tool error. Using this expert mechanism, you can repair and restore the entire task from the Outlook PST and OST file. You must be thinking how this is possible! Download the demo version. You can search for lost, corrupted, or damaged PST files and repair them. In trial version, you can only preview the files and save only the scanned information but will not be able to save the recovered files. You will be able to save the recovered files only after purchasing this software. You can use the saved scanned information to avoid re-scanning of the PST files. Recover Outlook software is safe and easy to use. This tool does not modify the original PST file, instead it creates a new PST file and reads exactly what is present in the original file thus causing no damage to the original PST file and retrieving all the data present in it. You can undelete Outlook 2003 data that are damaged due to oversized PST file or while upgrading the Outlook Version.

Steps to Recover Outlook 2010 after Inbox repair tool error:

Step 1: Download the trial version of the software. After launching the tool, you will find three options in the main screen OPEN PST FILE, FIND PST FILE and SELECT OUTLOOK PROFILE as shown in the figure.

Recover Outlook - Main Screen

Main Screen

Step 2: In case you do not know the exact location of the PST file which has to be repaired then you will have to select FIND PST FILE option.

Step 3: Now, to repair select the PST file using "Browse" button as shown below.

Recover Outlook - Find the PST File

Find PST File

Step 4: Select the scanning method and then choose the destination location to store the PST file and click on Repair as shown in the figure.

Recover Outlook - Select the the scanning method as well as the Destination folder

Select Scanning method

Step 5: Once the repair process is completed then you can view the repaired PST file as shown in the figure and can evaluate the recovery results.

Recover Outlook - Scanning Summary

Scanning Summary

Note: All the facilities of trial and purchased version will be identical except the fact that you can only save the recovered PST file in later one. Demo version is for evaluation of recovery results only.