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How to Recover Outlook Folders?

Microsoft Outlook provides different facilities manage your personal as well as professional data in most effective way. In Microsoft Outlook you can manage the folders in your mailbox as per your wish. MS Outlook stores items of information you create share or receive in terms of folders. These folders can be located in your personal folders on your computers hard disk, on the Exchange server or on a network server. When an icon in the MS Outlook bard is clicked then the folders associated with that icon are displayed to the user. You can also create additional folders. You can use your personal folders as an archive for those messages which you want to keep but dont want to access frequently. But these archived emails gets corrupted under certain circumstaces. In such cases use Outlook recovery application to restore archived emails.

Public folders are intended for making the information available to other users as well. You can categorize the inbox folders according to the sender into separate folders also. But sometimes you lose your important folder along with its contents due to some data loss scenarios in Microsoft Outlook. Under such situations you should restore MS Outlook folders using good Outlook recovery tool. You can also recover appointments on Outlook 2003 deleted accidentally or due to virus. Some common data loss cases in Microsoft Outlook are described below:

Most Common Data loss Scenarios in MS Outlook:

  • Due to Interruptions in Data transfer process: Any kind of interruption during data transfer process in MS Outlook can delete your important folders in it. Some examples of such scenarios are like improper shut down of the system or instant power surge can hinder the data transfer process leading to Microsoft Outlook data loss. Improper terminations of Microsoft Outlook application while some data exchange is going on also make us lose Microsoft Outlook data
  • During Antivirus Scanning Process: Microsoft Outlook data including important folders can be lost during Antivirus scanning process. Generally Antivirus programs are employed to detect and remove virus from computers. The Antivirus program scans the entire system for detecting the files and folders which are logically affected by virus attack. It tries to repair the detected files and folders. It removes the suspected file or folder that cannot be repaired by it. In that case information stored in those folders is lost
  • Apart from above data loss scenarios some other scenarios are also responsible for Microsoft Outlook data loss such as PST file corruption, Improper Microsoft Outlook Upgradation, Error in compaction process, Sharing of PST file over a network etc. Microsoft Outlook data can also be lost due to common human blunders like accidental deletion of information from deleted item folders

You need to take proper precautions to avoid losing important information from Microsoft Outlook folders.

  • Before youre going to terminate the Outlook application keep it in mind that all the data transfer process should be finished properly. Thus further data loss chances will be reduced
  • Always try to update your system with latest Antivirus program to avoid any sort of corruption

In case your Outlook folders are already lost, then you can use PST Repair Tool to retrieve Outlook folders easily. This software also performs Outlook 2003 mail recovery easily. Actually this software repairs PST files to retrieve deleted / lost folders from all MS Outlook versions 2000 to 2010. Email messages lost / deleted from any Microsoft Outlook folder or emptied from deleted item folder can also be retrieved. It also restore deleted MS Outlook contacts which are deleted / lost. Corrupted PST files are fixed using this software to recover deleted folders. Recover Outlook software also helps to retrieve MS Outlook 2010 emails. MS Outlook folders deleted during the MS Outlook upgradation can also be retrieved. By using Recover Outlook tool you are able to recover folders after sync issues in Outlook 2007. It recovers all the deleted e-mail messages with their respective PST file properties. This software even helps you to fix the PST files that cannot be repaired by inbox repair tool. Recover Outlook also undelete emails from Outlook 2007 and also all other attributes lost due to PST file corruption. Outlook recovery software will help you to restore Outlook 2010 tasks after Inbox repair tool error caused due to improperly exiting Outlook or Virus attack.

Steps to restore MS Outlook folders:

Step 1: First download and install free version of Outlook Recovery Software. After launching of the software successfully youll find three options displaying in the screen which are Open PST File, Find PST File and Select Outlook Profile respectively as shown in Fig 1

Recover Outlook - Main Screen after launching the software

Fig 1: Main Screen after successful launching of the Software

Step 2: Select the Select Outlook Profile option to repair your PST file with respect to a particular MS Outlook profile. After clicking the last option all the PST files associated with that MS Outlook profile will be displayed.

Step 3: Select the PST file to be repaired using "Browse" button as shown in Fig 2

Recover Outlook - Browse the PST File

Fig 2: Select the PST File using Browse button

Step 4: After selecting the PST file and its scanning mode you need to select the destination location for the fixed PST file as shown in Fig 3. Then click on Repair to start the repairing process

Recover Outlook - Select the scanning mode

Fig 3: Choose the the scanning mode

Step 5: Once the repairing process is over you can view all the recovered Outlook data along with their original folder structure as shown in Fig 4 below

Recover Outlook - Recovery Results

Fig 4: Recovery Results

Note: You can save the recovered MS Outlook folders only when youre using the purchased version of this Outlook recovery tool. Demo version is only for the evaluation of the recovery resluts.