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Recover Outlook

Steps to Recover Outlook Contacts

Contact folder in Microsoft outlook is used as your e-mail address book and information manager for the businesses and people you want to communicate with. It is used to store the e-mail addresses, street addresses, pictures, multiple phone numbers and many more information regarding contacts such as anniversary, birthday etc. When a name or address is entered for a contact, Microsoft Outlook separates the address or the name and put them in separate fields. You can also group, sort or filter the contacts according to their particular characteristics. At max you can enter three different addresses in each contact. From a contact in your contacts list in Microsoft Outlook you can address a task request, meeting request, e-mail messages to the contacts. You can have also MS Outlook dial to a particular contact in case you have a modem. You can even link any Microsoft Office document or any MS Outlook item to any desired contact to track your activities associated with that contact. Despite all these facilities sometimes you lose contacts from Microsoft outlook due to certain scenarios. In such case you should retrieve MS Outlook contacts to bring back all those deleted / lost contacts. You can also retrieve Outlook 2010 tasks after Inbox repair tool error occured due to incompatible Outlook upgrade version, virus etc.

Common contact loss scenarios in Microsoft Outlook:

  • Improper Termination of MS Outlook Application: Sometimes contacts from MS Outlook get deleted due to sudden termination of Outlook application while some mail exchange process is still continuing in the system. The improper MS Outlook closing during this process wont let the process to complete properly. As a result some contacts may be lost from Microsoft Outlook
  • PST file corruption due to archive error: Archive and Auto archive are the options available in Microsoft Outlook to automatically initiate moving of MS Outlook items to PST files based on preconfigured settings. But in some cases the Archive fails to work as expected even if all other settings appear to be proper. In that cases the PST files become corrupted leading to contact loss in Microsoft Outlook
  • Apart from these two scenarios there are some other reasons of contact deletion in MS Outlook such as sharing of the PST file over a network makes it corrupt, PST files also get corrupted due to virus attack. Some critical contacts along with their details are removed due to anti-virus scanning process. Contacts can also be deleted due to common human error, improper shut down of the computer, sudden power surge and improper MS Outlook upgradation proces

To make your important contacts safe from any of these situations you need to take care of some precautionary measures mentioned below:

  • You can set Auto archive by default. If you find some errors again then you can troubleshoot the problem in Archive or Auto archive easily using MS Outlook instructions
  • Before terminating the Microsoft Outlook application make sure that all other data transfer process in Microsoft Outlook are completed properly

If youve already lost some of your important contacts from Microsoft Outlook then PST Repair Tool is the most reliable Microsoft Outlook recovery tool to restore Microsoft Outlook contacts. This software also performs Outlook folder recovery with utmost ease. Recover Outlook software repairs corrupted PST files and also perform contacts recovery from PST after header corruption. Apart from all this, Recover Outlook software also allows you to repair Outlook 2007 PST file in an easy way. It also supports deleted contacts recovery from operating system like Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008. Contacts deleted due to improper data backup in Outlook upgradation can also be restored using this software. It also has the ability to retrieve data from Outlook 2003 lost due to PST file corruption.

Steps to restore Outlook Contacts:

Step 1: Install and launch the software either by selecting from the program list or by clicking on the shortcut icon to undelete emails deleted from Outlook. After launching the application youll find three options being displayed in the screen like Open PST File, Find PST File and Select Outlook Profile as shown in Fig 1 below

Recover Outlook - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen after launching the Software

Step 2: Select the appropriate options depending on your requirement and then select the corrupted PST file to be repaired using "Browse" button as shown in Fig 2 below

Recover Outlook - Browse the PST File

Fig 2: Browse and Select the PST File

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Step 3: After the PST file is selected click on Next to proceed further.

Step 4: Now select Normal Scan as your scanning method and then choose Repair button finally to get your PST file repaired as shown in Fig 3.

Recover Outlook - Select the scanning mode

Fig 3: Select the the scanning mode

Step 5: Finally after the whole process is over you can view a brief summary of restored data and import the PST file to retrieve your deleted / lost contacts which is shown in Fig 4.

Recover Outlook - Scanning Results

Fig 4: Scanning Results

Note: Keep in mind that you can only import the repaired PST file in case of purchased of this software. Demo version is only specialized for evaluation of the recovery chances.