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How to Recover Outlook 2003 Data?

Microsoft Outlook is available both as a part of Microsoft Office suite as well as a separate application utility. Its recent versions include Microsoft Office Outlook 2011 from Macintosh and Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 for Windows operating system. Microsoft outlook 2003 is one of the versions of Microsoft Outlook. Its a kind of communication program and information manager that provides you with unified place to manage e-mail, contacts, calendar, personal folders and other personal as well as team information. The main advantageous features of MS Outlook 2003 over the older versions of Microsoft Outlook (like Microsoft Outlook 2000 and Microsoft Outlook 2002) are its automatic grouping of messaging, cached exchange mode, new reading views handling of junk e-mails helps in improving the way of organizing the information as well as performance and server connectivity. Despite of all these functionalities sometimes you lose important information on MS Outlook 2003. In such situations you need to retrieve MS Outlook 2003 to get back all the lost / deleted Microsoft Outlook information. As data loss takes place usually due to Outlook PST file corruption; therefore, if you can retrieve corrupted Outlook PST, then you can get back access to lost data.

Some common data loss scenarios in Microsoft Outlook 2003 are discussed below in order to identify the root cause.

Common Data Loss Scenarios in Microsoft Outlook 2003:

  • Human Error: Microsoft Outlook has a deleted item folder which stores deleted data until and unless it is retrieved back by the Microsoft Outlook user. Data from Microsoft Outlook 2003 can get deleted due to some common human blunders like emptying data from deleted item folder accidentally. Deleting any information from Microsoft Outlook using shift + delete key combinations also doesnt store the deleted data in the deleted item folder and hence makes the data inaccessible to the user
  • PST file exceeding in size: PST file is a file format which stores the copies of calendar, messages, e-mails and other items in Microsoft Outlook in .pst formats. Important data from Microsoft Outlook 2003 can be lost due to PST file corruption due to certain PST file having size larger that certain size limits. For Microsoft Outlook 2003 the maximum size limit for a PST file is 20GB. So if a particular PST file has size larger than 20 GB in Microsoft Outlook 2003 then it becomes corrupted automatically making the data stored in it inaccessible. PST files can also get corrupted due to reasons such as sharing a PST file over network, error occurred while compacting the PST file etc.
  • There are also some other reasons of data loss in Microsoft Outlook 2003 like Upgrading the Microsoft Outlook version without having proper data backup, improper shut down of the system, sudden power failure, improper termination of Microsoft Outlook application etc.

Some precautionary measures you should follow in order to avoid frequent data loss from Microsoft Outlook 2003.

  • Make sure that you are taking proper data backup while upgrading the Microsoft Outlook version
  • Take care of the PST file in terms of corruption while sharing it over a network. Perform the compaction process properly to avoid PST file corruption
  • Delete the unwanted e-mails in order to avoid large size of the PST files which may cause PST file corruption
  • Archive your PST files in regular intervals to prevent PST file corruption.

If some of your important MS Outlook information has already lost then you can restore MS Outlook 2003 using PST Repair Tool. This utility repairs PST files to retrieve contacts lost from Outlook from MS Outlook 2003. Corrupted PST files can be repaired by this software to recover all the MS Outlook information. With the help of this software you are able to recover deleted emails from inbox in Outlook 2010. Besides just plain deletion, some users might delete emails by using the combination of Shift and Delete keys. In such cases you can restore Outlook 2010 shift deleted emails and also it supports email recovery from other MS Outlook versions like 2000, 2003 and 2010. Supports operating systems like Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008.

Steps to Recover MS Outlook 2003:

Step 1: Download and install the demo version of PST Repair software to restore Outlook mails. After successful launching of the software youll get three options in the main screen such as Open PST File, Find PST File and Select Outlook Profile as shown in fig 1. Choose the 1st option if you know the exact location of the PST File, Click on the 2nd one if youre not sure about the PST file location and finally if you want your damaged PST file related to particular MS Outlook profile to be repaired then select 3rd option

Recover Outlook 2003 - Welcome Screen

Fig 1: Welcome Screen

Step 2: After selecting Open PST File option click Browse button to select that particular PST file as shown in Fig 2

Recover Outlook 2003 - Select the PST File

Fig 2: Select the PST File

Step 3: Select the scanning method either Normal Scan or Smart Scan depending on the severity of the PST files corruption and then choose the final destination folder for the repaired PST file as shown in Fig 3

Recover Outlook 2003 - Select the Scanning Method and Destination Path

Fig 3: Select the the scanning method and Destination folder

Step 4: As soon as you click on "Repair", the repairing process will start

Step 5: Then you need to evaluate the recovery results after scanning is over. The results will be shown as in Fig 4 below

Recover Outlook 2003 - Scanning Summary

Fig 4: Scanning Summary

Note: You will be allowed to save the repaired PST file only in case you are using the purchased version of PST Repair Tool.